is Designed for Determined Entrepreneurs ready to get their ish in order and a resource for the struggling entrepreneurs to finally stop spending money and finally save some



Welcome to Business U for Entrepreneurs


The University is for Online Service and Product Based Entrepreneurs to help grow your business, build your business acumen, and learn how to use the data from your numbers to scale, grow, and dominate your industry.

What’s a Level 1 & Level 2 Entrepreneur?

Business U Mission & Goals

Who’s Business U for?

Business U Agenda & Program Outline

Business U Weekly Class Format

What if you?

  • What if you could grow your business without making countless mistakes and going broke?
  • What if you could have mentorship, accountability partner, and an accountant all in one?
  • What if you could confidently manage your business accounting and taxes without the costly expense of hiring an Accountant?
  • What if you had the accountability to take you business to new heights?
  • What if you could control your money?
  • What if you could stop spinning your wheels and grow your business?
  • What if you could save thousands on your taxes?
  • What if you could manage and control your business finances to give you the data you need to be the next Lisa Nichols or so Well….. You Can!!
  • What if I told you Business U for Entrepreneurs is the online university for startups and budding entrepreneurs?

Do you feel like?

  • You’re struggling to build and grow your business?
  • Like you’re all over the place and not making any traction?
  • You need accountability to keep you focused and on target?
  • Annoyed with the complexity of your bookkeeping software?
  • Tired of trying to figure out how to do this business thing?
  • Overwhelmed with all the laws, business requirements, and tax complexities for managing your business?
  • Overpaying taxes?
  • Frustrated with trying to learn how to read your business financial statements and reports?
  • You’re missing money on your taxes?
  • If you feel that ways to some or all of these, then you’re in the right place at the right time. Honestly, you don’t have to feel that way.
  • There are several things you need to manage and grow a business, Accountability, and Money Management.
  • You got the Business U for Entrepreneurs will give you the accountability, money management tools and techniques.
  • Truth be told… you’ve been playing business and don’t know how much you’ve invested into your business.

Just Imagine if you could...

  • Have a stable business
  • Save money on your taxes
  • Use your numbers to leverage
  • Control your business finances
  • Stick to your goals and the end picture
  • Build a Scalable business

Business U for Entrepreneurs will help you...

  • Help you know your numbers so that you can scale and grow your business.
  • Help you gain clarity and become the entrepreneur needed to live the life you desire.
  • Increase your Revenue and bottom-line
  • Leverage your unique strengths
  • Marketing, Sales and Promotion
  • Help you create a proven business concept
  • Build your Brand
  • Increase sales ratio and conversions
  • Build your Business Acumen
  • Help better manage your finances
  • Team Building

Business University Instructors 

Folasade Ayegbusi

Folasade Ayegbusi is an Enrolled Agent, Accountant, Insurance Broker, Speaker and Business Growth Strategist. She has helped entrepreneurs and small business owners save over $25 million in lost revenue, tax assessments, penalties, and interests over the last 12 months. This financial powerhouse partners with clients to identify financial challenges, design optimal solutions and oversee implementation of new systems that simplify financial processes for success.

Pastor Ron Pitts

Ron Pitts is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, and Leadership Coach. He is also a father of 3 wonderful children. Ron is the Founder/Senior Pastor of Empowerment Ministries Church, and also the Founder/CEO of Ron Pitts Ministries. The title that Ron holds more dearly is that God calls him son. Ron Pitts is a Certified Leadership Coach and Graduate of the Essential Leadership Academy.


Dr. Aikyna Finch

I am Dr. Aikyna Finch. I am a Podcaster, Social Media Coach, and Speaker. I am also a Forbes Coaches Council Member. I coach in the areas of Empowerment, Life and Social Media at the individual and groups levels from my company Finch and Associates LLC. I co-host the Motivate Social Podcast broadcasted by my company Changing Minds Online.



KiarraSolomon is known as the Mommy Money Strategist. Currently, she’s on a mission to free 1000 moms from the workforce by empowering them to build profitable business from the comfort of their own homes through her organization the Mother Hustler Movement.


What People Are Saying

“It is going to make me more detailed and better prepared when setting up anything in my business about how it would affect my taxes in the future! It made me aware that I could be saving more money on my taxes”

Chiquita Lindsay

CEO of Escaliber Estimating LLC

Join Business U for Entrepreneurs TODAY and receive the knowledge and support you need to FINALLY help you build your business, leverage, dominate and manage your business finances.

Weekly Exclusive Business training’s that will help you start, manage, and grow your business, from exactly where you are in your business.

Monthly hands on accounting sessions where we help you manage you accounting software’s like Quickbooks, Wave, and other Bookkeeping software training.


Monthly spiritual sessions with our Lead Pastor, because our founder Folasade believe that success is nonexistent without God and spirituality.


Access to our Lead Instructor on a weekly basis for Live Q&A Session.


Live Weekly Accountability Sessions and Q&A via Zoom Meetings.


Variety of videos and courses on topics outside of accounting such entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, and other areas.


Access to your own University portal to access all videos, content, and other resources. All the business and money content you need at your Fingertips.


Special pricing to special for Live and Virtual Events (will be specified)


Monthly Business Training like marketing, sales, business, credit, tax etc specific from our dedicated instructors.


Business University but your matriculation at BU has its own forum and campus for asking questions both public and privately.


20% off our Virtual Store for classes, products, and services you will need to manage your business.


We have a University Campus is a secret Facebook community where you can get the empowerment, support, and interact with other entrepreneurs.


Priority Seating at all Folasade/Suncrest/ BUE Live Events so that you can be treated like a VIP.

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